Our goals for teaching are to provide robotics and computer science literacy to a broad spectrum of students starting from high school students to whom we offer our exciting education and entertainment robotics activities. In more detail, our courses include:

Undergraduate Education: Introduction to Computer Science I and II, Seminars on different topics, related exercises, labs.

Graduate Education: Robotics, Real-time Systems, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Digital Signal Processing, and more.

Ph.D. Programs: There is a multitude of opportunities for students to pursue their degree, both in funded programs and on regular staff positions.

Interested students may also want to have a look at our list of open thesis proposals.


Winter term 2018/19

TypeTitleLecturer (assistant)DatesDuration
SEDoctoral Seminar - Robotics (IN2137)Link2
VOEmbedded Networked Systems (MSE) (IN8014)Link3
PRLabcourse - Building a modular robot (IN0012, IN2106, IN4231)Link6
PRLabcourse - Cognitive Robotics Implementation Challenge (IN0012, IN2106, IN4244)Link6
PRMaster Lab Course - Advanced Roboy Student Team (IN2106, IN4218)Link6
PRMaster Lab Course - Implementation of IEEE 1588 protocol (PTP Slaves) on embedded devices (IN2106)Link6
PRMaster Labcourse - Build Your Own Demonstration Platform for Autonomous Cars (IN2106, IN4241)Link6
PRMaster practical course - Micromouse: Designing an Educational Racing-Robot from Scratch (IN2106, IN4235)Link6
SEMaster your thesis (Überfachliche Grundlagen) (IN9036)Link2
PRMasterpraktikum - Motion planning for autonomous vehicles (IN2106, IN4221)Link6
SEMasterseminar - Cyber-Physical Systems (IN2107, IN4813)Link2
SEMasterseminar - Online Learning in Autonomous Driving (IN2107, IN4937)Link2
SEMasterseminar - Roboy Agile Coach Seminar (IN2107, IN4938)Link2
SEMasterseminar - Roboy Research Seminar (IN2107, IN4890)Link2
PRModel Development in Biomechanics (IN2106, IN4247)
  • D. Renjewski
PRPractical Course - Deep Computer Vision (IN2106, IN4248)
  • C. Lenz [L]
PRPraktikum - Development and Control of a Bio-snake Robot (IN2106, IN4187)Link6
PRPraktikum - Roboy Student Team (IN0012, IN2106, IN4188)Link6
VOPrinciples of Computer Vision (IN2133)Link3
VOReal-Time Systems (IN2060)Link3
UEReal-Time Systems, Exercise Session (IN2060)Link2
VIRobotics (IN2067)Link5
VITechniques in Artificial Intelligence (IN2062)Link4
VIVirtual Physics: Using Modern Modeling Methodologies for Computer Simulation
  • D. Zimmer