Sina Shafaei, M.Sc.


Room: MI 03.07.057

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Address: Institut für Informatik IV Technische Universität München Boltzmannstraße 3 85748 Garching bei München, Germany

Office Hours: By email

Curriculum Vitae

  • (2017 - Now) Research Assistant, Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems, TUM
  • (2013 - 2016) Master in Informatics, Technische Universität München (TUM)
  • (2008 - 2013) Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)

Open Thesis Topics / Guided Research

Are you interested in Autonomous Driving? Emotion Recognition Systems? Machine Learning? Do you also have any relevant background and would like to get your hands dirty on some challenging topics? Then shoot me an email! Don't forget to attach your CV and the list of the related work you've done before

Thesis Supervision


  • Master Thesis: Enabling Federated Learning for Dynamic Driving in Autonomous Vehicles, Ankit Gupta, (start: June 2018)

  • Master Thesis: Modeling Eye Gaze of the Driver into a Multimodal Emotion Recognition System, Alexander Binsmaier, (start: October 2018)

  • Master Thesis: Emotion Detection Through Speech Analysis in Resource Poor Environments, Felix Lachenmaier (start: June 2018)

  • Master Thesis: Illumination Resisted Emotion Recognition with Infrared Thermal Cameras, Toghrul Seyidov (start: October 2018)


  • Guided Research: Emotion Recognition System for Evaluating the Comfort Level of the Occupants in an Autonomous Car , Mesut Kuscu (November 2017-April 2018)

  • Guided Research: Ensuring Safety of Machine Learning-based Systems (case study: autonomous driving), Saasha Nair (start: March 2018)

  • Master Thesis: Driver-Behavior Modeling Based on Deep Learning for Automated Emotion Recognition, Mesut Kuscu, (April 2018 - August 2018)

  • Master Thesis: A Behavior-based Approach for Automotive Emotion Recognition Systems, Tahir Hacizade (January 2018 - August 2018)

  • Master Thesis: [External @BMW] Reinforcement Learning-based Comfort Functions in Automotive, Niko Tzioras (December 2017 - August 2018)

  • Master Thesis: [External @BMW] Machine Learning-based Control of a Limited Slip Differential, Ana-Maria Radut (April - October 2017)

  • Master Thesis: Balancing Engagement and Distraction Level of Driver in Highly Automated Driving using Interactive Infotainment Systems, Christina Kopp (April - September 2018)

  • Bachelor Thesis: Developing a Smart Wiper System Adaptive to the Drivers' Behavior based on SVM, Deborah Höltje (March - September 2018)

  • Bachelor Thesis: An Evaluation of Safety Monitoring Framework (SMOF) on Obstacle Detection Application, Franziska Schwaiger (April - October 2018)

  • Bachelor Thesis: A Nueral Network-based Pedestrian Detection System (Case-Study: YOLO), Simon Zachau (November 2017 - April 2018)



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  • Farzaneh, Morteza Hashemi; Shafaei, Sina; Knoll, Alois: Formally verifiable modeling of in-vehicle time-sensitive networks (TSN) based on logic programming. 2016 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), IEEE, 2016 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI ) Volltext (mediaTUM)