Proseminar Genetic Programming

Cognitive Robotics Lab
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Genetic Programming is a machine learning technique inspired by biological evolution, that uses an evolutionary algorithm to optimize a population of computer programs according to a fitness landscape determined by a program's ability to perform a given computational task.
In this proseminar, we will study introductory literature to Genetic Programming, look at an open source framework for evolving our own controllers, and study a variety of algorithms and examples in the field.

Some of the topics will be

  • Basics of Genetic Programming
  • Genetic Programming / Human-Competitive Machine Intelligence
  • Applications with the DGPF Framework
  • Karl Sims - Evolving Virtual Creatures
  • The Golem Project - Automatic Design and Manufactor of Robotic Lifeforms
  • Co-Evolution with Genetic Programming
  • ...

Presentation: Each student presents one topic, usually a paper or book chapter. The presentation should be about 30 minutes followed by 5 to 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Besides the official presentation, we will also talk about presentation style and slide design. The presentation language is either German or English. You might want to check out these suggestions for your presentation. Talk to your advisor at least 2 weeks before your scheduled talk and show him your presentation.

Audience: The presenter will give his talk to the whole group, not just the instructors. Guests, who are not joining the proseminar but are interested in the topics, are welcome, too. So bring your friends and fans as well. This is a good opportunity to practice your presentation skills in front of a larger audience.

Composition: You also must write a summary of your talk. It should be about 5-10 pages. Hand it in until the end of the semester (but better finish your summary before you give your talk, because trying to write things down in your own words will help you realize which parts of the paper(s) are important). We will make the written summaries available to all participants.

Grading: In order to get the credits (ECTS/Schein), you must give a presentation, write a summary and attend the proseminar meetings (occasional exceptions to the last requirement can be made on an individual basis). The proseminar is worth 4 credits (ECTS) or 2 SWS.

Organizer: Professor Jürgen Schmidhuber.

Contact: Frank Sehnke (email)
Please direct questions, suggestions, etc. regarding this proseminar to Frank.

Registration: If you want to join the proseminar, please contact Frank. The topics are assigned on a "First come, first served" basis.

Coming soon: The schedule will be announced soon. The seminar will be held either as a block seminar or on a weekly basis, depending on the participants.