Windows vesrsion of the GNU Scientific Library


    Here you will find a MS-VC++ adaptation of the GNU gsl-1.4 library. It's free in the sense of GNU licensing scheme.
    You have the choice to download the complete set of source code and compile yourself or download just  the precompiled static/dynamic libraries.



Contain the complete set of free source code, help and samples based on gsl-1.4, necessary to compile and use the scientific library under Windows with MS-VC++ 6.0 / 7.0

WinGsl-1.4.01  / 09.07.2004  First release. ( ~3.6 MB)
WinGsl-1.4.02  / 11.08.2004  Current version.


Contains a ready-to-use set of static and dynamic libraries generated from WinGsl-1.4.xx.

WinGsl-Lib-1.4.01  / 09.07.2004  First release. ( ~16.8 MB, VC++ 6.0)
WinGsl-Lib-1.4.02  / 11.08.2004  Current version ( VC++ 6.0).
WinGsl-Lib-1.4.03  / 27.08.2004  Current version ( .NET 2003).


The FAQ answares some common quetions.

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Last updated: 27 Aug 2004.

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