Tool description and license

VissBIP is an open-source tool which enables to visualize component-based systems together with an engine to automatically synthesize priorities to ensure system safety. It is developed by (1) Department of Informatics (Unit 6), TU München, (2) fortiss GmbH, and (3) Verimag Laboratory (CNRS). The software is released under the GNU Less General Public License (v3).


Libraries which VissBIP used include


Contact Chih-Hong Cheng [cheng(at)fortiss(.)org or cheng.chihhong(at)googlemail(.)com] if you have any problems related to VissBIP or would like to provide bug reports. 

Software (latest update: 2012.10.21)



1. Synthesizing local priorities for digital communication modules to avoid deadlock (click on the figure to enlarge).

2. Synthesizing priority-based distributed controllers for multi-core memory protection scheme (click on the figure to enlarge).