Our goals for teaching are to provide robotics and computer science literacy to a broad spectrum of students starting from high school students to whom we offer our exciting education and entertainment robotics activities. In more detail, our courses include:

Undergraduate Education: Introduction to Computer Science I and II, Seminars on different topics, related exercises, labs.

Graduate Education: Robotics, Real-time Systems, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Digital Signal Processing, and more.

Ph.D. Programs: There is a multitude of opportunities for students to pursue their degree, both in funded programs and on regular staff positions.

Interested students may also want to have a look at our list of open thesis proposals.


Summer term 2018

TypeTitleLecturer (assistant)DatesDuration
VOAdvanced Deep Learning for Robotics (IN2349)Link2
UEApplied Biorobotics (IN2352)Link2
VOApplied Biorobotics (IN2352)Link2
VOAutonomous Driving (IN2356)Link2
VICognitive Systems (IN2222)Link4
VICyber-Physical Systems (IN2305)Link5
SEDoctoral Seminar - Robotics (IN2137)Link2
VOGems of Informatics 2 (IN2149)Link2
SEInformation Literacy (Überfachliche Grundlagen) (IN9015)Link2
VIIntroduction to digital signal processing (IN2061)Link6
PRMaster Lab Course - Advanced Roboy Student Team (IN2106, IN4218)Link6
PRMaster Lab Course - Machine Learning Implementation Challenge (IN2106, IN4155)
  • P. van der Smagt [L]
  • M. Sölch
PRMaster practical course - Micromouse: Designing an Educational Racing-Robot from Scratch (IN2106, IN4235)Link6
SEMaster your thesis (Überfachliche Grundlagen) (IN9036)Link2
PRMasterpraktikum - Motion planning for autonomous vehicles (IN2106, IN4221)Link6
PRMasterpraktikum - Roboy Student Team (IN2106, IN4188)Link6
SEMasterseminar - Machine Learning in Robot Assisted Therapy (IN2107, IN4929)Link2
SEMasterseminar - Reinforcement Learning in Autonomous Driving (IN2107, IN4930)Link2
SEMasterseminar - Roboy (IN2107, IN4890)Link2
PRPractical course - Building a modular robot (IN0012,IN2106)Link6
PRPraktikum - Development and Control of a Bio-snake Robot (IN2106, IN4187)Link6
VIRobot Motion Planning (IN2138)Link4
SESeminar Course - Robot-assisted Surgery in Clinics (IN0014,IN2107)Link2
SESeminar Course Cyber-Physical Systems (IN0014, IN2107, IN4813)Link2