Winter term 2017/18

TypeTitleLecturer (assistant)DatesDuration
SEAdvanced Seminar Course Cyber-Physical Systems (IN2107, IN4813)Link2
UEApplied Biorobotics (IN2352)Link2
VOApplied Biorobotics (IN2352)Link2
SEDoctoral Seminar - Robotics (IN2137)Link2
VUEmbedded Networked Systems (MSE) (IN8014)Link3
PRMaster Lab Course - Advanced Roboy Student Team (IN2106, IN4218)Link6
SEMaster your thesis (Überfachliche Grundlagen) (IN9036)Link2
PRMasterpraktikum - Deterministic Networking Lab (IN2106, IN4220)Link6
PRMasterpraktikum - Motion planning for autonomous vehicles (IN2106, IN4221)Link6
PRMasterpraktikum - Multi-Camera Computer Vision and Algorithms (IN2106, IN4222)Link6
PRMasterpraktikum - Roboy Student Team (IN2106, IN4188)Link6
PRMasterpraktikum - Simulation and Visualization of mobile robotic intralogistic problems (IN2106, IN4223)Link6
SEMasterseminar - Context Prediction in Autonomous Driving (IN2107, IN4899)Link2
SEMasterseminar - Roboy (IN2107, IN4890)Link2
VOPrinciples of Computer Vision (IN2133)Link3
VOReal-Time Systems (IN2060)Link3
UEReal-Time Systems, Exercise Session (IN2060)Link2
VURobotics (IN2067)Link5
SESeminar - Robot-assisted Surgery in Clinics (IN0014,IN2107, IN4865) Link2
VUTechniques in Artificial Intelligence (IN2062)Link4
VUVirtual Physics: Using Modern Modeling Methodologies for Computer Simulation
  • D. Zimmer