Zhenshan Bing

    Email: bing@in.tum.de

    Room: MI.03.07.059

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    Address: Institut für Informatik VI

                    Technische Universität München

                    Boltzmannstraße 3, 85748, Garching bei München Germany

    Office Hour: By appointment only

    Curriculum Vitae

    I received my Bachelor degree in Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation from Harbin Institute of Technology, China in 2013, and my M.Eng degree in Mechanical Engineering (State Key Laboratory of Robotics System) at the same university in 2015. Then in October 2015, I joined the Robotics and Embedded System under the supervision of Professor Knoll. My research investigates the snake-like robot which is controlled to achieve autonomous locomotion and self-adaptive behavior by artificial neural networks and its related applications.

    If you are self-motivated for a snake-like robot related thesis topic, please write me an email indicating your background and skills.



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