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M.Sc. Benedikt Feldotto

Technische Universität München


Informatik 6 - Lehrstuhl für Robotik, Künstliche Intelligenz und Echtzeitsysteme (Prof. Knoll)

Parkring 11-13(8101)/II
85748 Garching b. München

Curriculum Vitae

Benedikt Feldotto received a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics from Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), also gaining industry work experience in the pre-development of automation and including a development stay in the USA. Based on his general engineering education he specialized in autonomous robotic systems implementing findings from Cognitive Neuroscience with the Master of Science program in "Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence" at Technical University of Munich (TUM). In 2017 Benedikt Feldotto joined the research group of Neurorobotics in the European Human Brain Project (HBP). His research interests focus on biomimetic learning in neurorobotic systems and the interaction of robots with humans as well as the environment. Additional discussions about ethical concerns arising with learning robots joining our daily life are very welcomed.

Workshops / Talks / Tutorials / Awards

Workshop Organisation: "Beyond Conventional AI - The Neurorobotics Platform" - European Robotics Forum, Tampere 2018
Best Poster Award - Graduate School of Bioengineering


SS 17 Masterpraktikum Roboy - Simulation and Human Brain Project Integration
WS 17/18 Seminar HBP Neurorobotics
SS 18 Lecture Exercise Cognitive Systems

Thesis and Project Offers

If you are interested in a Thesis, Seminar, Semester Project or HiWi position in biomimetic robots or neural network learning have a look at the current offers or contact me to discuss your personal preferences.

We always have open tasks for Forschungspraktikum e.g. in MSE or Electrical Engineering.



  • Feldotto B, Walter F, Röhrbein F: Hebbian Learning Based Sensorimotor Association in a Closed-Loop Neurorobotic Experiment. Bernstein Conference 2017, 2017, W42 mehr…