Our primary mission is research and education with a focus on machine perception, cognition, action and control.

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Famous Completed Projects

ECCEROBOT (EU-FP7, 2008-2011)
ECHORD (EU-FP7, 2008-2013)
JAHIR (CoTeSys, 2006-2009)
JAST (EU-FP6, 2004-2009)
Myorobotics (EU-FP7, 2012-2015)

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Our Course of Study

Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence
An interdisciplinary master course

The chair is organized into four research areas:

  • Human Robot Interaction and Service Robotics including work on the integration of speech, language, vision and action; programming service robots; development of new application scenarios for sensor-based service robots; robot systems for education;
  • Medical Robotics covering all aspects of manipulator and instrument control for complex surgical procedures, e.g. visualisation of all types of patient data, haptic feedback for delicate handling, skill transfer, shared control, multi-manipulator cooperation;
  • Cognitive Robotics encompassing a comprehensive area of topics ranging from sensor models by the way of individual sensor processing entities (e.g. for high-speed face tracking) to high-level cognitive skills for navigation, adaptation, learning;
  • Cyber-Physical / Embedded Systems are investigated with special emphasis on fault tolerance and high availability; special topics are the design of very small redundant systems and the associated software development models and tool chains.

Some of our Affiliations and Cooperations

fortiss Institute
Top-level research with and for industry

The Human Brain Project HBP
The European Flagship project on Brain Research

Neurorobotics in the HBP
The Neurorobotics Subproject in the Human Brain Project

ECHORD++ project
The European Coordination Hub for Open Robotics Development

ECHORD project
The European Clearing House on Open Robotics Development

Graduate School of Information Science in Health
Top level education for information in science in health

The "Ingolstadt Institute der TU München" is a cooperation between AUDI AG, Technische Universität München and Ingolstadt

The project "Embodied Cognition in a Compliantly Engineered ROBOT" developed a completely new type of robot

The project "Myorobotics" develops soft modular robots CoTeSys Cognition for Technical Systems

A former network of excellence at the interface between robotics and neuroscience

A project to develop "in vitro neuronal networks" as a novel class of "computational device"